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Primal Graphic
Bastien Ghl

Primal Graphic

Primal is a Montpellier artist, from the Atelier Triptyque collective. He built a universe around retro characters, skinned, dismantled. His scenes are punctuated by a tangle of geometric and organic elements, Shared between offbeat dreams and sometimes disturbing atmospheres, Most often, Primal represents what the complexity of a tormented mind is to him. A deep curiosity for what the human being inspires in appearance and the more buried torments that surround him! Primal owes its inspiration to the world of comics, which has always surrounded it and pushed it to tell its stories in its own way. His work being mainly on canvas, Primal also explores a maximum of supports, places, which enrich his way of conceiving.


Arkane art

The Arkane artist from Avignon develops a writing style largely inspired by the seventh art. Subtle and sometimes disjointed narration, light and framing are put at the service of a carnal work around the exploration of violence, anguish and taboo through various narratives. A praise of the B series and the ``Giallo`` articulated around a dark and poetic tone.
At the same time, he works in painting and photography; quite distinct disciplines but which question the same issues.
The tool changes but the purpose remains the same, to obtain an image; to set up a narrative & to provoke a sensation.

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